Can Zetaclear Or Zeta Clear Nail Solution Help You?

ZetaClearZetaclear also called Zeta Clear Nail Solution is an all-natural product specifically developed to treat the underlying causes of unsightly nails.

For people with discolored nails or toenails, there may be a solution to their problem. Besides being unsightly and embarrassing at times, various underlying nail or toe nail conditions cause the nails on fingers or toes to thicken and discolor to yellow, become brittle and weak, and start to crumble.

The natural luster usually disappears and a dull-looking nail surface appears instead. The shape of the nails may become distorted and its usual size thickened.

When the condition worsens, seeing the nail separating from the nail bed is a painful possibility.

What are the common risk factors?

Usually, older adults are considered at higher risk because of the changing circulation in the periphery of the extremities, longer exposure to harmful organisms, possible weakened immune systems, and diabetes.  Genetics may play a role as well as the environment such as:

  • High-humidity environment
  • Heavy sweating
  • Using shoes and boots with poor air circulation
  • Walking barefoot in saunas, swimming polls, gyms and other “moist” public places
  • Unattended minor cuts and scratches on the skin and their exposure to various harmful invaders

Prevention Steps

Keeping nails dry, cut short and clean aids in preventing the condition from rooting deeper. WearingZeta Clear Nails wick-away socks helps keep some moisture away from the affected nails.

Using nail polish is discouraged because layers of it may trap moisture and harmful organisms and worsen the overall situation.

Instead of walking barefoot in public places, using shoes helps because shoes are an excellent barrier against harmful invaders found on these floors.

Medical treatments are available to take for 6-12 weeks at a time with a possible improvement in 4-6 months.

The medications may have side effects from simple rashes to serious liver damage and may be contraindicated in some cases because of pre-existing liver or heart conditions.

For people seeking alternative ways of addressing the underlying causes of discolored, thickened, brittle and crumbly nails and toenails, ZetaClear – Zeta Clear Nail Solution may effectively help with their problem.

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