How To Get Hives Relief Without Using Drugs

What To Use As A Hives Relief When Another Outbreak Strikes?

What To Use As Hives Relief When Another Outbreak Strikes?

If you suffer from itching, burning and stinging caused by a hives outbreak often, then you need to read this short note. Find out how you can get hives relief without resorting to prescription drugs or increasing their dosage more and more.  Spending time with hives is like spending time in your own personal torture chamber…and  in the least convenient times.  Be it from whichever trigger, getting hives relief is the number one objective for hives sufferers worldwide.

Medically known as urticaria, hives begin when parts of the body release histamine due to an allergic reaction to some sort of antigen introduced into the body systems.  Imagine that as many as 15-20% of the population will experience hives in their lifetime. The agony of hives is created by the itching, burning and stinging from the raised red bumps on the skin.  Hives can differ in outline and dimension and every person experiencing hives has a unique pattern – usually showing somewhere on the skin.

At times hives will start unexpectedly and end just as quickly. At other times, hives will start slow and linger on to the sufferer’s dismay.  The torment of the itching and burning usually sends most people to a doctor’s office for some type of hives relief.  Treatment of hives from a medical point of view involves liberal applications of various creams, allergy testing, histamine blockers and steroid drugs.  If this approach fails to bring the expected and quick hives relief, suggestions of relaxation and stress management usually follow along the course of the drug therapy.

Although hives can erupt when people eat foods they are allergic to, a hives outbreak may show up all of a sudden as a reaction to chemicals such as perfumes, cleaners, laundry soap, and even a make-up. Exposure to pets, sun and extreme cold can also be a factor in hives outbreaks.

Many chronic hives victims tell of stories that start with creams, allergy testing, steroids, and antihistamines only to find no reliable way for hives relief. At times, hives sufferers may know of  the trigger origin but are unable to remove themselves from the exposure – sun or stress.

Chronic hives sufferers also complain of sleep deprivation, fevers, body aches and the immune system disorders.

Is there anything else out there to try in order to manage a hives outbreak effectively without resorting to ever increasing usage of drugs to subdue hives symptoms?

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What is OxyHives?

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